Monday, September 29, 2008

Google Chrome

It is essential that I add a bit of technology for Everyman/Everywoman to this blog.  I will also include reviews and comments I find so that you know this is not just my own the point of supporting the average techno-phobe AND techno-phile at home and work.  

So the latest (and I mean this month) tech thing you need is Google Chrome:  It is Google's new Web Browser.  Here are my favorite things about it:

  • It is Free.
  • It is SUPER easy & fast to download and use immediately.  
  • The Tabs are very cool, easy to use and every NEW tab opens a set of thumbnails of your MOST visited sites.
  • All your bookmarks will be saved into the NEw Google Chrome.  AND there is an incognito mode if you don't want these saved.
  • Independent Tabs: IF something crashes your internet...only the open tab will crash...the reat will stay open, intact!
I could go on, but you'll have to see it in action.  
I have had it for a on both my work & home computers.  Makes IE & Firefox look pretty outdated.

Other reviews & Write Ups:

Now tell me what YOU think.


adamwiz said...

Love the independent tags in Chrome and the home page that offers you your 9 most popular pages as starting points. All hail the Google overlords! (I'm going to make sure they know that I'm on their side, in preparation for when they take over the planet...)

WineDiverGirl said...

Agreed...and so much more intuitive, easy stuff that makes browsing...yea, surfing a BREEZE! Oee small thing...somewhere along the line...I lost my sound in Chrome! Crazy huh? Just figured that out last night so I'll troubleshoot today.

el jefe said...

I love the independent tabs because I can open multiple accounts on one site (like gmail and typepad) in one browser and it all just works. I'm really liking it!

Joe Roberts, CSW said...

Much ado about nothing?

WineDiverGirl said...

So, Joe, I'm guessing you're not a fan of Google Chrome? I'm curious, why? Is it not different enough from Firefox & IE? Too fast? Too easy to use? Too many cool new features? While it is still in beta, and has bugs to be worked out, and it's FREE, I"m not sure what's not to like. I'd love an alternate opinion...really.