Thursday, September 18, 2008

Facts?! News based on Facts!? Web 2.0 opens Pandora

Huffington Post's Arianna Huffington talks about truth, the news and politics.
And web 2.0, internet conversations, community and participation!
More coming soon.

So Ms. Huffington believes in unplugging to connect and recharge...yes!
Yoga, hike, sleep, meditate...and might I a bottle of wine with your friends!

California Wine Hahn and WINE 2.0

California Wine: @ Web 2.0

The world and the future is in the promise of our creative efforts, dedication to hard work and passion for what we do. Obviously, but the reminder can re-invigorate and rejuvenate the business psyche as much or better than a massage. So went Gary Veynerchuk's message yesterday at Web 2.0...the Wine Guy from Wine Library TV found a convergence of passions that works for him...I mean REALLY works. He said he grossed "$50 million last year..." but essentially it means nothing if you don't love what you do.

That's why we're here at Web 2.0. Integrated into our DNA is an understanding that the e-movement is changing not just the way we do business, marketing & advertising; but it also is changing the way we live. Social Media, the internet & technology is in the throws of changing everything in every person's life from social connection, communication & interaction to the way we move, work ,shop, vacation, learn, play & engage in the world around us. Words fall short on how integrated & how thoroughly our world is being impacted. Maybe this is already obvious to the majority..., but the intellectual understanding vs. the understanding embedded in the fabric of who we are and how we operate are 2 very different things. It could mean the difference between success & failure.

Share some wine with a friend & talk about it. Ask the questions...the world is getting smaller, moving faster & e-volving now. You gotta be ready. Re-position yourselves, engage, and hang will be one hell of a ride.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

California Wine @ Wine 2.0 New York

I'm visiting Wine 2.0 in New York
Will you be there?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just for CoreyDTT

Eventually we'll have to start a T.A.A. ...Twitter Addicts Anonymous...
Until then...Twitter On!

Networking on Break @ Web 2.0

Another message with picture... Two Lisas on TwitPic

Hahn Family Wines: California Wine

Web 2.0 in New York...