Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Left Can Be Right

I am buoyed; even cautiously optimistic. There are a couple reasons: 1. Today I pre-qualified for a home loan…possibly no big deal under normal circumstances, but in the current economic context, I’m thrilled. 2. Obama has pulled ahead in most polls that count, at least in the press. And 3. The Great Schlep, and everything it represents.

In addition to the humor of Sarah Silverman, indeed a bizarre ice breaker, the way The Great Schlep (TGS) invites people to come together for something they believe in is an inspiration. Think about this for a moment: TGS empowers Jewish grandchildren to fly to Florida to visit their grandparents and discuss voting for Barak Obama. Ok, forget that I also support Mr. Obama, the idea is still an inspiration bringing multi-generational families together, across states, for meaningful conversation about changing their country and their lives for the better. Despite what you think about either side politically, you have to admit that the more people come together to talk about politics, issues, our country, the more people at the table discussing the future and solutions, the better chance we have to actually find workable solutions for all of us.

Regardless of who wins this election, we will still (thankfully) live in the US together and work together and have to share in the problem solving, together. It is fascinating to me how what looks like a simple plan, have grandkids talk to their grandparents in a critical voting state, really has a thoughtful elegance, depth, value and meaningful level of uplift to it.

So I am buoyed. The Great Schlep is exemplary in its strength, grace & brilliance.

What are your thoughts?

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