Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Comfort: It Sucks to be sick!

But thank Dionysus, or whom ever you choose...for my Twitterati! Yes, you! Thank you. I now will sing your praises.

It's pretty basic; in my misery, I sent out a Tweet asking: "
Ok...what cocktail helps fight off a cold?" Now, I fully expected to be teased or more likely, even, ignored. MY mom certainly wouldn't suggest a cocktail for a cold! But none of the above is what happened...instead, I got a list of delightful suggestions. And damn it, if it wouldn't cure my cold, at least I could find come COMFORT in the interim. Both in the cocktails & in the tweeps over my CrackBerry.

Now, like many of you, I am a professional drinker. No problem, just discretion, judiciousness. I'd rather have one $100 bottle of bordeaux blend than several of anything else. I know what I like, and curious about what I don't know & am committed to finding the best...whatever...in every city I visit. I'm also committed to running, diving (yes, SCUBA) and my friends & family...so yes, there's a balance.

But to the question at hand: What cocktail helps fight off a cold?

Here's what you, my Tweeps, sent me:

@1winedude said: "When I was in Russia, they gave me vodka with pepper in it. It only makes u forget for a few mins. that u have a cold... "

2. @winebratsf said: "hot whisky!"

3. @MustLoveWine said: "when we were kids mom used to warm up orange juice & add scotch & honey. Maybe it just put us to sleep to help her cope. :P

4. He then followed that with: "
I think any booze will suffice :)"

And maybe my favorite:

From @LisaAdamsWalter: "VERY cold, VERY bubbly, VERY dry champagne! :)"

I tried the one with OJ, but accidentally substituted Brandy...ack! I was a little fuzzy as well. Only got a few sympathetic stares in the grocery store. It was definitely NOT a pretty outing. Yum...yum, and a soft could of rest for the OJ, Brandy, Honey! Wow! I LOVE home remedies. So I'm thinking of working my way through each one over the next few nights as I recover. I have turned a corner. And even if the above "medicine" isn't the cure, it's kinda like the "Tea Mind" ... a ritual, a moment with yourself...no, not that kind of moment with yourself, just a rest, a toast, if you will, if not to the love of cocktails, then to remembering how much you appreciate being healthy, so you can drink more cocktails.

Who says technology in impersonal!

Thanks, Tweeps.

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answer man said...

The ancient remedy is still the best: long hot shower, long hot toddy, 2 aspirin, 12 hours sleep. Cold gone. The toddy is the following in a mug: two inches of good brandy, two tablespoons of honey, juice of one whole lemon, fill to top with hot water.